Master's- PhD- Admission-
Requirements for obtaining a Master's Degree
Completion of a minimum of 24 credits in Graduate courses, distributed as follows:

  • A minimum of 15 credits in courses related to the student’s Area of ​​Concentration, of which 06 credits should be obtained in courses selected from the elective group of the Area of ​​Concentration (except in the area of Petroleum and Energy, described below) and 09 credits in CTC electives;
  • 03 credits in the field of Mathematics, from which the student can select between MEC 2110 - Mathematical Methods in Mechanical Engineering I, 3CR, MEC 2111 - Mathematical Methods in Mechanical Engineering II, 3CR; subjects of the Mathematics Department or other subjects that present content in mathematics and are approved by the graduate committee as being of the Mathematics area;
  •  A maximum of 06 credits in the form of Guided Study: In order to enroll in such courses the candidate must be authorized by the Departmental Committee of the Graduate Program;
  • A maximum of 02 credits in courses from the Undergraduate Teaching Internship (MEC 3201, Undergraduate Teaching Internship I and MEC 3211 - Undergraduate Teaching Internship II);
  • and the rest in related fields.

Every student must present the following information to the Graduate Coordinator: the student’s advisor’s name and subject of dissertation chosen along with the adviser, at the end of the student’s first semester, at the latest, when he/she will pre-register in the subject MEC 3003 - Proposal for Master’s Dissertation, which is worth zero credits. The assessment in this subject will consist of an oral presentation of the Master’s proposal for committee evaluation, which will be formed by the coordinator and two teachers from different areas, indicated by the coordinator.

Every student must demonstrate sufficient reading knowledge, in, at least, one foreign language (English - LET 3101, German - LET 3100 or French - LET 3102), through a proficiency examination.

The student must submit a complete article, of his/her authorship, in English, related to his/her dissertation topic, in the default mode of a qualified International Congress, submitted or not. The article must be attached to the dissertation for review by the committee. If the student does not deliver the item before the dissertation, the dissertation can only be approved with restrictions and the student will have the same deadline for the delivery of required items by the institution as for the delivery of the final version of the dissertation. In cases where the dissertation resulted in patentable assets, with technology registration or transfer, the article may be replaced with a report describing the invention, also to be forwarded to the Central Administration of the University in accordance with the provisions of ordinance 30/99 by the Rector.

The student must present, defend and pass his/her Master’s Thesis (MEC 3000). The deadline for the dissertation defense is 24 months, according to PUC-Rio’s regulations.
Note: in cases of scholarship students, the maintenance of earning scholarships or Fee waiver scholarships will depend on the student's academic performance.

Elective subjects corresponding to each area

Area of ​​Concentration: Applied Mechanics

The Master’s student of the Area of ​​Concentration Applied Mechanics must necessarily select two subjects (06 credits) of different groups among the four groups of electives below:

MEC 2101 -  Classical Mechanics or MEC 2364 -  Dynamics
MEC 2240 -  Theory of Elasticity or MEC 2120 - Finite Elements in Mechanical Engineering
MEC 2358 - Control of Mechanical Systems or MEC 2401 - Introduction to Robotics
MEC 2367 - Structural Integrity or MEC 2233 - Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Area of ​​Concentration: Thermosciences

The Master’s student of the Area of ​​ Concentration Thermosciences must necessarily select two subjects (06 credits) of different groups among the four groups of electives below:

MEC 2303 - Thermodynamics
MEC 2320 - Transport Phenomena

MEC 2344 - Fluid Mechanics I or MEC 2345 - Fluid Mechanics II
MEC 2347 - Heat Transfer I or  MEC 2348 - Heat Transfer II

Area of ​​Concentration: Oil & Energy

The Master’s student of the Area of ​​Concentration Oil & Energy must necessarily select a subject (03 credits) of the elective groups of Thermosciences or of Applied Mechanics and a second subject (03 credits) among the three groups of electives below:

MEC 2373 - Pipeline Flow or MEC 2374 - Mechanical Design of Pipelines
MEC 2386 - Power Systems
MEC 2383 - Well Engineering or MEC 2381 - Well Drilling or MEC 2384 - Reservoir Engineering or MEC 2385 - Production Engineering

Teachers accredited in the Graduate Program

Anderson Pereira
Angela Ourivio Nieckele
Arthur Martins Barbosa Braga
Florian Alain Yannick Pradelle
Hans Ingo Weber
Helon Vicente Hultmann Ayala
Igor Braga de Paula
Ivan Fabio Mota de Menezes
Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro
José Alberto dos Reis Parise
José Luiz de França Freire
Luis Fernando Alzuguir Azevedo
Luis Fernando Figueira da Silva
Márcio da Silveira Carvalho
Marco Antonio Meggiolaro
Marcos Sebastião de Paula Gomes
Mônica Feijó Naccache
Paulo Roberto de Souza Mendes
Roberta de Queiroz Lima
Rubens Sampaio
Sergio Leal Braga

Note: teachers who are not listed here may only co-advise students with the approval of the MED graduate committee, which must be requested by the student him/herself, when choosing the advisor.