Applied Mechanics- Petroleum and Energy- Thermal Science-
Research line: Solid Mechanics

Development of mathematical models for uni, bi and tri- dimensional analysis of structures by numerical methods, such as the finite element method. Development of techniques and procedures for mechanical design, focusing in theoretical, numerical and experimental stress analysis, fatigue, creep, fracture mechanics, mechanical behavior of materials, destructive and non-destructive testing, structural analysis and failure historic. Structural integrity monitoring. 


Research line: Dynamic systems and control

Modeling the dynamic behavior of mechanical and mechatronic systems including rigid or deformable elements.  Hard and rigid-elastic body systems, including the effects of friction, hysteresis and impacts. Analysis of stochastic processes. Control of mechatronic systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including mobile and robotic manipulators. Development of actuation systems for sensing and mechanical quantities.



MEC2101 – Mecânica Clássica
MEC2120 - Elementos Finitos na Engenharia Mecânica
MEC2124 – Termomecânica do contínuo I
MEC2222 – Análise de vibrações
MEC2231 – Mecânica da Fratura e Fadiga
MEC2233 - Comportamento Mecânico dos Materiais Avançado
MEC2234 - Teoria das Placas e Cascas
MEC2240 - Teoria da Elasticidade
MEC2245 - Análise Experimental de Tensões
MEC2358 - Controle de Sistemas Mecânicos
MEC2359 - Dinâmica de Veículos
MEC2360 - Elementos de Automação e Robótica
MEC2362 - Modelagem de Sólidos
MEC2363 - Sistemas Dinâmicos
MEC2364 - Dinâmica
MEC2365 - Elementos Finitos Não-Lineares
MEC2367 - Integridade Estrutural
MEC2368 - Introdução à Acústica
MEC2369 - Propagação de Ondas Elásticas em Sólidos
MEC2374 - Projeto Mecânico de Dutos
MEC2401 - Introdução à Robótica
MEC2402 - Controle de Sistemas Robóticos
MEC2961 - Sensores a Fibra Óptica

The research and development projects in this area can be accessed on the faculty home-pages.
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