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Próxima semana (de 26/05 a 01/06)
Seminário da pós-graduação
Nonlinear dynamics of smart materal systems and Sstructures
Prof. Marcelo Savi, UFRJ

Data: 29/05/2019 às 16h e 0min
Local: Sala 106L

Bioinspiration is a paradigm that extracts design principles from biological and natural systems. Based on that, it is possible to create systems and structures with adaptive behavior according to its environment. Smart materials have an essential importance on this idea being used as sensors and actuators that define the remarkable system characteristics. Besides this, natural rhythms are inspiring new situations and therefore, the investigation of nonlinear dynamics, chaos and control is establishing other design paradigms. The use of bioinspired smart systems is now evolving to create origami systems based on the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Basically, the main idea of the origami is to create a three dimensional structure from a plane source. Adaptive origamis have been explored in order to produce foldable, adaptive structures that can be applied in several areas of the human knowledge. This seminar presents a general overview of nonlinear mechanics research activities related to smart bioinspired systems. The presentation discusses some smart material system applications and their thermomechanical behaviors. System modeling is also presented showing interesting behaviors for potential applications. Shape memory alloy systems, origamis, vibration-based energy harvesting, chaos and chaos control are some subjects presented to give a general idea of the research activities. The rich, complex dynamical response of these systems is of special concern.